We’re going places and want you to know about it

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In the works 

New courses in TalentLibrary™

Our collection of ready-made courses is growing to give your teams more opportunities to gain skills that will help them thrive in their job. 

Automation engine

The automation engine will replace all the mundane administrative tasks so that you can focus on the work that matters.

On the way

New permissions system

Our redesigned permissions system will give you more control, precision, and flexibility over granting access to your users.

Multilingual content is expanding

We’re adding multilingual content options to more items within your portal so that you can offer an even more inclusive training experience. 


We’re rebuilding the API so that connecting eFront to third-party systems and building custom workflows within your training platform is as powerful and simple as ever.

PHP8 compatibility

We’re working toward being compatible with the latest PHP version, PHP8, for the best performance possible.


On the horizon

Modern interface

Based on our new API, we’ll be releasing a fresh front-end interface, bringing eFront up-to-date with the latest UI and UX trends while ensuring speed, ease-of-use, and better accessibility.

Automated Waitlist management

We’ll be working on new functionality around Waitlists so that you can automate tasks like enrolling a learner in a session when another learner has canceled.