Deploy eFront on-premise or on private cloud

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On-premise (deployed)

Install eFront on your infrastructure as an independent, secure and self-sustained solution. On-premise deployment guarantees control, privacy, and flexibility of the highest level. Perfect for isolated, offline environments and a leading choice for highly regulated industries.


Your IT department maintains full control over every aspect of your eFront installation at all times.


Your system’s safety is guaranteed by multiple, configurable layers of security, so none of your data is ever transmitted outside your premises.


Your installation is fully adaptable to your organization’s needs and processes, free of any limitations.

Private cloud environment (hosted & managed)

Host your platform on our fully-managed private cloud environment. Enjoy a scalable, readily accessible and cost-effective solution, relieved from hardware maintenance and lack of storage. Build and run your eLearning portal on an excellent infrastructure, optimized for data transparency and security. Focus on what matters most and let our experts do the rest.


You are guaranteed a top-shelf dedicated hosting environment, a superb end-user experience, and almost zero downtime.

Fully-managed solution

Your platform is continuously supervised and routinely updated by our support team, while your content is safely archived with regularly scheduled backups.

Transparency & security

Your data stays safe thanks to our strict encryption and highly configurable security policies, and is never transmitted to third-party entities without your explicit consent.