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Creating learning content to keep your workforce skilled and up-to-date is a massive undertaking. But it can be easier than you think. With ready-made courses, you'll never have to start from scratch again.

Together with content providers Vado, BizLibrary and Bigger Brains, eFront offers a variety of ready-made content to kickstart your training and improve business results.

Why use the content library?



With a vast selection of top-quality professional training courses packed with interactive SCORM units you'll engage learners and boost learning.


Use ready-made-content as-is or combine it with additional units for a richer program that meets your learners' exact needs.


With a year-long licence, you can reuse content as often as you need and continue using training materials with our annual renewals.

Course categories


Foster a culture of cooperation and success through our communication skills training courses.

Customer Service

Give your people the right tools to increase customer satisfaction with our customer service training courses.

Human Resources

Trust our human resources training courses to help you keep your team qualified, committed and productive.


Push your C-suite to bring their A-game with our advanced leadership and management training courses.

Personal development

Help your people upgrade their skill set with our series of personal development training courses.

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Policy & Compliance

Secure adherence to policy and regulation with our expert compliance training courses.

Project Management

Take our project management courses online and learn how to streamline and optimize your daily operations.


Equip your sales team with the skills to focus, aim and convert, with our comprehensive sales training courses.

Health & Safety

Safeguard your workplace procedures and minimize accident risk with our health and safety training courses.

IT Skills

Train your people to use your infrastructure and software tools efficiently with our IT skills training courses.